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English and British Consuls

The names of the English and British Consuls in Oporto

since 17th century.

The Forest database includes thousands of entries and gives the following details, where they are available, of each individual:


- Date and place of birth

- Date and place of marriage

- Date and place of death


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will also be of interest to academics studying

the history of Oporto and its British community,

and / or of the port trade.


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Author's notes

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Needless to say, while great care has been taken in compiling the Forest, not to mention a great deal of time and painstaking detective work, in a document of this nature and length there are bound to be errors and omissions, some no doubt arising from unreliable sources,

but certainly others arising as a result of my oversight in transcribing information from source material to the Forest.  I would be grateful to hear from anyone with details of any corrections or additions that need to be made to the Forest.


A Note on Dates

In 1752 Britain’s calendar changed from the Julian to the Gregorian system, and the beginning of the New Year moved from 25th March to

1st January. I have endeavoured to ensure that dates before 1752 which fall in January, February and March carry the year that we would use today.  For example, the date of 05/02/1750 would appear in the Forest as 05/02/1751.  


A Note on Geography

There was a time when boroughs in London south of the river Thames were part of Surrey.  In the Forest they have been treated as being in London.  For instance, where someone died in Lambeth, Surrey in,

for example, 1750 the Forest records the death as being in London.    



The Forest is dedicated to the City of Porto, and to the citizens of Porto, past, present and future.



Richard Symington, London, 2016

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Non-British Individuals

Surnames of non-British individuals to be found in the

Forest, giving an indication of the nationality of each.

Anglican Chaplains  

The names of the Anglican Chaplains in Oporto from 1671.

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